Waterproofing Company Melbourne

Your home will stay dry with the help of the Melbourne Waterproofing Company Melbourne.

At Melonemaintenance, we can give you customized and all-around waterproofing solutions that stop water from causing damage to your property. At Melonemaintenance, we’ve been fixing and installing things in homes and businesses for more than 18 years, so we know what to do.


Our concrete screeding makes homes and businesses more valuable and unique because it doesn’t need any maintenance and can give your property more style and edge. Our screeding is made to last and can be used as a base floor or as a smooth, finished floor.


With our high-quality and unique tiling options and services, you can give your home or business the colour and clarity it has always been missing. Our staff can make and install tiles that are both beautiful and useful, giving you safe flooring choices.

Bathroom Renovation

Over the past 18 years, our team has planned and finished a huge number of unique and creative bathroom renovations for people all over the Melbourne metropolitan area. We can easily set up your bathroom because we have high-quality materials and goods.

Why Pick Us?

As contractors who are fully trained and insured, we take every job with the same care and attention as our own homes. Melonemaintenance will give you the best value for your money and peace of mind for a long time. We promise all the work we do for 10 years, no matter how big or small it is.

Waterproofing in Victoria and Melbourne
If you trust the highly skilled and fully licensed people at Melonemaintenance, you can stop rainwater from doing damage to your home or business. In Melbourne and Victoria for the past 20 years, our creative and driven team has been putting in place long-lasting and waterproof solutions at a fair price.
All of our services are fully covered by insurance and done by qualified experts, so our customers can be sure that our waterproofing companies melbourne solutions will work. The people at Melonemaintenance can protect it from the damaging effects of water on roofs, balconies, basements, and even bathrooms. Get in touch with us right away if you want to stay dry all year.