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Wall Scratch & Crack Repair in Melbourne

At Melone Maintenance, we never demolish, disassemble, buttress, or rebuild anything to repair wall cracks. These outmoded methods are expensive and may even force you to vacate your home for several weeks.

Instead, we employ a custom wall scratch repair method developed using cutting-edge technology. Our solutions, which restore walls inside and outside of a house over a day or two at a reasonable cost, are implemented using advanced procedures by our experts and engineers. Moreover, you can stay in bed while we finish the job.

Wall Crack Repair Melbourne

Most of the time, when your house sinks into the ground, the sinking will be uneven. This indicates that there will be varying load-bearing pressure levels on your property’s foundations. The entire structural stability of your home may be compromised as a result.

The ground on which your home is built may be levelled and strengthened by underpinning or stabilizing the soil, but this is just the beginning. Your walls must be interconnected; therefore, wall crack repair above ground is also crucial. This makes sure that loads are dispersed equally across the entire foundation.

Sealing fractures in your walls above ground is crucial to preventing your house from sinking. Call us know to get free quote.

When will structural repair of my wall cracks be necessary?

Your home’s wall fissures may occasionally just be aesthetic flaws. They can also be a sign of structural issues at other periods. These particular wall fractures present themselves in distinctive ways.


Structures that are in movement typically have –

  • Stepped Wall Cracks

Stepped cracks more significant than 5 mm are a sign that your home is shifting in a considerable area because of rocky soil or brick house foundations. Stepped cracks need to be looked into right away.

  • Horizontal fissures –

Horizontal cracks suggest localized movement due to a failing foundation below the damaged wall. Although the action is localized, additional harm could result if horizontal cracks aren’t fixed.

  • Cracks above openings –

Your home is moving if there are cracks above openings like windows and doors. This movement may be brought on by brick expansion, soil failure, additional weights from additions, or even foundation catastrophe.

  • Corner fissures –

Over time, clay bricks can enlarge. Your home’s corners may develop cracks due to the lateral strain created by this expansion, which pushes the ends of the walls against one another. Even your walls may become unstable due to this lateral force.